Ideal for various indoor display purposes, such as railway stations, airports, security centers, hospitals, hotels, banks, and other public places. The 3-in-1 SMD type is the perfect LED display solution to attract attention, adding significant value to any indoor application. SMD LED display produces bright colors and wide viewing angles, ready to perform your material whenever you want.

TL – Indoor SMD
TL – Indoor SMD

Type: TL 1.8/TL 2.5/TL 3/TL 4/TL 5/TL 6/TL 7.62/TL 8/TL 10/TL 12


  • The indoor series from Maxgo boasts wider viewing angles, and the enhanced surface, for an exceptional picture quality in any indoor setting.
  • With a light output more than 1,200 nits and native 16-bit color processing, it is sure to deliver the pinnacle of image quality in all circumstances.
  • The module design and slim casing make installation simple, featured in seamless and lightweight.
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