From large free-form video displays to architectural visual design, Maxgo LED Strip series are available in different pixel pitches. This smart, lightweight, fl exible and yet rugged strip LED solution is not only to bring out stunningly bright videos on displays of any size, shape or form, but also lighting type effects. It can be used as a screen or creative solution, based on the customers’ requests and based on the design of each building.

Our customized solution team and our workshop for training your staff, offers architectural LED solutions for each specifi c screen installation. Maxgo Strip series can be build-up of almost any shape and size display that is ideal for use at outdoor locations with large viewing distances. The Strip series are for 24/7 uses, for day- and nighttime. Maxgo has designed, produced, installed and maintained numerous LED strip screens all over the world, especially in Los Angeles, USA and Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. 90% of LED strip display in the landscape of Victoria Harbor was made by Maxgo, such as Hong Kong largest LED display ”Samsung project“

ST – Strip
ST – Strip

Type: ST 40/ST 50/ST 65/ST 76.2/ST 100


  • High brightness up to 5,000 nits can be 24/7 usage for daytime and nighttime.
  • Flexibility in use, conventional screen or creative.
  • Featured in extremely transparent, integrated with building structure, unaffecting the body structure of the buildings.
  • IP65 front and rear protection rating and wide operating temperature range enable outdoor usage in any weather conditions.
  • The built-in mounting structure and smart cabling solutions make assembly of even every large system fast and easy. Invisible cables arrangement makes the structure more clean and elegant.
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