Ideal for the use of outdoor architectural and decorative displays. The net structure with each pixel connected by flexible cables reduces the wind drag. A specially designed power chip was installed in each cluster to ensure that the power is evenly distributed for very large displays. It dramatically simplifies the data connection up to the cable and snap-fit mounting mode. Maxgo built a 9,500 m2 screen, the largest LED screen of the world, with the cluster net for the opening Ceremony of 2010s World expo.

CL – Cluster
CL – Cluster


  • Extreme light and transparent material, waterproof, especially designed for the large-scale outdoor displays and decorations.
  • For large-scaled projects, address-free.
  • Guaranteed simplicity by one-way signal transmission. The way of one-way signal transmission is to re-encode the data sent cascade, effectively avoiding the deviation by the accumulation of multi-chip signal cascade.
  • Easy installation: the net structure is for quick set up and dismantles.
  • Extremely flexible: connected by flexible cable to be mounted to any shape and any place.
  • Capable to operate between 40 degree and 60 degree with low power consumption.
  • Cost effective solution for large-scale projects.
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