Basketball or hockey fans demand more statistics and in-depth knowledge of each team‘s frames for videos broadcast performance more than other sports fans and more than ever before. Stadiums and arenas need to guarantee every audience, seated where ever, to have a clear sight and clear understanding of what‘s going on. That presents more requirements to the center hungcurved, more faces, higher definition, zero failure rate, and perfect content management. With its revolutionary black LED, Maxgo Center Hung Cube delivers more contrast and deeper black levels with high brightness than any other product on the market. Black and bright – the elegant contradiction LED display can enable your audiences catch eyes what information they are looking for. Maxgo has great advantages in Center Hung Cube installation.

TL – Indoor SMD
TL – Indoor SMD


  • The Center Hung Cube series delivered the deepest black levels available on the market.
  • Its black SMD offers vastly improved contrast levels with high brightness.
  • Architectural design for specific stadiums and arenas to achieve. customized requirements
  • The breakthrough design is to create a 360 degree exposure to deliver seamless images to audiences with specialized. curved modules
  • Easy to integrate through the entire arena with a combination of video displays, ribbon displays and scoreboards for an unforgettable experience for fans.
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