Maxgo Perimeters will bring your sport events to really shiny and glorious events, near the masses. With its fl exibility and Multiusage concept Maxgo perimeters can be used either as rental cabinet or a perimeter. With its rubber louvers and high durability and weatherproof face it decreases screen damages and is protecting athletes. Maxgo Sports Perimeters are fl icker-free and easy to synchronize with professional camera equipment. Maxgo installed ”first“ perimeter displays in many countries, such as 1st perimeter display in Chinese National Stadium ”Bird‘s Nest“ , Saudi Arabia and Iran. In Europe, the Bayer Munich Football Club, Allianz Football Field, Germany and William II Football Club, Holland, Maxgo Perimeter displays also became the central focus of the competitions

SL – Perimeter
SL – Perimeter


  • Maxgo own branding Outdoor SMD is available for Perimeter display.
  • Available in 12.5mm, 16mm, 20mm pixel pitch including LED SMD‘s and lamps.
  • Ideal for outdoor perimeter systems, the soft and reliable rubber louvers are highly durable and weather-proof, which can decrease possibilities of screen damage and protecting athletes.
  • Rubber louvers enhance contrast, optimize brightness, eliminate glare, and allow wider viewing angles.
  • Multi-usage, Maxgo Perimeters can be used to rental screen and perimeter systems for sport stadiums, making them extremely versatile.
  • The state-of-the-art LED perimeter systems boast a rugged design with adjustable foot stand, the viewing angels can be adjusted according to the size of the sport stadiums, making it even more flexible.
  • Sports Perimeter enables perfect, flicker-free reproduction of brands and easy synchronization with professional camera equipment. The top-mounted soft banners offer even additional protection for athletes.
  • The outdoor 3-in-1 SMD enables wide symmetrical viewing angles and short minimum viewing distance.
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