TL – Indoor SMD


  • The special slim and lightweight design of Maxgo rental modules guarantees fast installation and transportation.
  • The modules are equipped with rigging points and rig-locks at the top and bottom for quick installation of the display.
  • Rental & Stage indoor displays deliver high resolution images with extreme brightness levels.
  • Ideal for the rental and stage requirements trough stringent selection of 3-in-1 SMD based LED types on a very narrow bin to enable flatness tolerance of the display surface within 1 mm.
  • High reliability with data hot backup, to avoid any communication risks.


TL 3 /TL 4 / TL 5 / TL 6 / TL 7.62 / TL 8 / TL 10



Download Datasheet

You can download our product datasheet
Download Datasheet