Maxgo is one of the manufacturers of LEDs that provide the best service for customers in Indonesia. As a sign of commitment Maxgo also opened a special line support for LED product that is sold to end-users, as a special form of assistance for customers who need, question or LED rental in Maxgo.

You can download all datasheet that contains the details of the installation and the technology we use.

Maxgo also made an innovative breakthrough to help the world of advertising / advertising becomes more alive and real, good for outdoor advertising media, or in the room.

Download Datasheet

For decoration LED lights, maxgo has some excellent products which maxgo product designed specifically to create an atmosphere or view as needed and your creativity

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In addition to retail sales of LED, Maxgo also provide rental LED media, for those who need to show or event that is temporary.

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Maxgo has some very unusual variant, with the latest technology, maxgo deliver a beauty of its own. Even in 2010 Maxgo make inroads display the widest and largest building in the world at the moment is 9,500 m2.

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In the field of sports Maxgo have products for lighting the field is arguably the Advance , where the lighting for the field is crucial and requires a relatively very bright light.

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For street lighting, maxgo have an outstanding product, in addition to energy saving, lamp life is also very long, so it does not require maintenance, which is complicated.

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